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1.7 release candidate deployed

Dear colleagues -

Today I deployed a new 1.7.0-SNAPSHOT version, hopefully the last. I would like to release before next Monday 23 March. This update is about improving customer's ability to realistically evaluate offered RegulationRates, and about exposing the parameters for this evaluation in the server configuration. Details are in the commentary on Issue #1040.

At this point these parameters are not visible to brokers, but we don't expect to change them before the 2020 tournament. In the longer run, we'll make sure they get communicated to brokers. You can see the values if you pull down the latest snapshot of server-distribution. They are in config/server.properties, prefixed with "common.tariffEvaluationHelper".

I've also updated sample-broker with more realistic regulation rates, and with multiple rates that allow you to observe the effect of RegulationRate prices. To see these effects, you can run a simulation and look in the trace log for lines that look like
18569 INFO  common.TariffEvaluationHelper: mp 0.04069318077564246, upregRatio 4.086232471530218, upreg discount 0.6550478524329819, downregRatio 0.3091451841943922, downreg discount 0.9991365209349498
where mp is the observed mean of wholesale market prices in the boot session, upregRatio is the computed ratio between the offered up-regulation price and mp, upreg discount is the the discount applied to expected income from up-regulation events, etc. The discount numbers are simply the multiplier the customer applies to that expected income.

In addition, we expect prices observed in the balancing market to be higher than in the 2019 competition, where we felt there was insufficient incentive for brokers to balance themselves.

There will be an update to the game specification that explains this in a bit more detail; it's in proofreading now and should be ready early next week.

We look forward to a vigorous 2020 competition this summer. I guess broker development might be a good way to stay safe from the coronavirus epidemic.