Announcement: 2018 Power TAC game specification

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Announcement: 2018 Power TAC game specification

Greetings, colleagues -

The game specification for the 2018 competition is now available on SSRN. The changes this year are focused on stability and on improving the research value of the competition rather than on new features. A summary is at the bottom of the abstract, and change bars highlight significant changes. Other changes include significant editing of the description of the clearing process in the balancing market, which some found confusing and hard to follow. Brokers may need to change how they issue balancing orders, and balancing orders will now only be accepted for interruptible tariffs; for tariffs with regulation rates, the balancing orders are automatically composed using the values in the rates. The latest deployed server 1.5.0-SNAPSHOT implements this change.

The other major planned update to the server will be to make regulation work with all the models that exhibit storage-like behavior or that accept curtailment. We hope to have this ready by early February.

Cheers -