Announcement: Power TAC server and sample broker version 1.3.1

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Announcement: Power TAC server and sample broker version 1.3.1

Dear colleagues -

Today I finished releasing Version 1.3.1 of the Power TAC simulation server and sample broker. Release notes and download links are on the participant's wiki. Since release versions are uploaded to Maven Central, you can be sure this version won't change.

If you have been using the 1.3.1-SNAPSHOT version, this release is the same, with a few cleanups that you probably won't notice. In the meantime, I have deployed a new development version 1.3.2-SNAPSHOT. Unless critical issues turn up in the next few weeks, we expect to use the 1.3.1 version for this year's tournament.

If you are working in a source environment, you can get the released code using the 1.3.1 tag, or you can pull down the latest from the master branch to get the 1.3.2-SNAPSHOT version. Otherwise you may want to grab the 1.3.2-SNAPSHOT version of server-distribution to keep up with new deployments.

As always, please let us know if you have questions or run into problems we should know about.

Cheers -