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Announcement: TacTex Code Release

Dear Power TAC community members,

The TacTex team would like to announce a code release of the TacTex agent.

The code release is available at

This release provides the complete source code of the TacTex agent, which was a top-performing agent in the Power Trading Agent Competition (Power TAC, in the years 2013, 2015. The code is based off the TacTex-15 agent, which competed in the 2015 Power TAC finals.

The code implements the agents and algorithms described in Daniel Urieli's Ph.D dissertation "Autonomous Trading in Modern Electricity Markets", which can be found in the following link:

Related research papers can be found here:

The goals of this code release is to 1) help new Power TAC researchers to get past the initial stages of developing an agent, 2) help the Power TAC community to use TacTex's contributions in their research on autonomous power trading agents and future electricity markets.

You may use the code, but please keep the copyright notices attached and keep track of what ideas you are using from this code.

We hope you will find this code useful for your research, and we would be interested in hearing from you regarding how easily you were able to compile, run, and use the code. Please use our contact details below.

    The TacTex team

TacTex team contacts:
Daniel Urieli (
Peter Stone (
Computer Science Department
The University of Texas at Austin Austin, TX, USA