Announcing Power TAC Server and Sample Broker, Release 1.6.0

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Announcing Power TAC Server and Sample Broker, Release 1.6.0

Dear colleagues -

Today we have released version 1.6.0 of the Power TAC server and sample broker. You can find release notes and download links on the participant's wiki.

Unless someone finds a defect between now and the tournament, this is the version we'll use in the 2019 tournament. You should be using this version for broker development between now and the tournament. If you have already started your broker in a way that required changes to its pom.xml, it should be enough to change the version id to 1.6.0 on powertac-parent and on the powertac.version property.

Brokers will notice a few small differences (maybe large, depending on your strategy):

- There will be considerably more solar and wind production in the customer market. The solar production should be similar to the 2017 tournament, and the wind production will be a couple orders of magnitude higher than what you've seen in the past. If you use this effectively, it should drive down wholesale prices.

- There will be more regulation capacity available from the electric vehicles, and from some of the factored models like Frosty Storage.

- Regulation capacity should be a bit more valuable.

- Overall demand will be somewhat less volatile.

- The initial capacity assessment will be slightly less expensive.

As always, please let us know if you have questions or have problems with this release. And good luck to all of you in the 2019 tournament.