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CfP: Energy Informatics & Management (EIM 2015) - Erasmus Energy Forum 2015

Dear Colleagues,

We are inviting you to submit extended abstracts to “Energy Informatics & Management (EIM 2015)” at the Erasmus Energy Forum 2015:

The conference aims to engage academic researchers in a dialogue that examines the future of energy business, especially in the context of how energy informatics can foster energy efficiency in city and port environments. It focuses on in-depth scientific work and the results of research from research institutes worldwide. Papers co-authored by academic and industry partners are particularly welcome, along with case studies showing the application of energy informatics to solve management problems.


Research may take a behavioral, economic, engineering or computer science approach, and may be either empirical or conceptual. Specific areas of interest include, but are not limited to:

• Information systems supporting the generation and distribution of renewable energy
• IS for the management of energy grids
• Business opportunities of smart meter data streams
• Decision support systems highlighting sustainability issues
• Design and implementation of processes for lower energy consumption and emissions
• Technologies for greening organizations (e.g. mobile systems, cloud computing, remote sensing; virtual team work)
• Carbon reduction and emission trading
• Energy supply chain
• Electric equipment planning in logistics
• Energy efficiency in the shipping/logistics industry
• The role of information systems in energy policy
• Electric Vehicles: charging algorithms, behavioral aspects, etc.
• HCI for energy monitoring, pricing, management, and awareness
• IS-based behavioral intervention techniques for energy saving

Conference Chairs
• Prof. Wolf Ketter, Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University,  
• Prof. Richard Watson, Terry College of Business, University of Georgia,

Programme Chairs  
• Dr. Arthur Carvalho, Rotterdam School of Management,
• Prof. Gilbert Fridgen, University of Bayreuth,
• Dr. Ksenia Koroleva, Rotterdam School of Management,

The best paper will be awarded with the Erasmus Energy Science Award!

The submission deadline is on April 8th and details can be found at:

Best wishes,
On behalf of the organization committee.