Confused about sign conventions for energy and money

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Confused about sign conventions for energy and money

a new agent developer wrote
I am facing some problem with understanding the positive and negative signs in energy and price while building my tariff and orders. After viewing the log, what I understand i.e. Consumption type tariff has -ve price and production type tariff has +ve price energy. But it switches in the wholesale market where bids have -ve prices and asks have +ve prices.

What it means, we are looking all the tariff transactions in customer's point of view, because for Consumption type tariff subscription, customer needs to pay to broker, so the price is deducted from his(customer's) account i.e. -ve and in the wholesale market we are looking in brokers point of view because brokers are bidding for energy so energy is +ve(which will be added to his account) and price is -ve because money will be deducted from broker's account. Am I right? Please clarify if I am wrong at anything.
This is correct. The description of sign conventions is in the current (2014) specification, Section 3.1 on page 7-8. In general, communications directed at customers (like tariffs) take the customer's viewpoint. Interactions on the wholesale market are described in detail in Section 5.1 on page 21.
All this were clear to me until I saw the tariff transaction section in the log, which says

<tariff-tx id="6876" postedTimeslot="362" txType="CONSUME" customerCount="2" kWh="-6818.79" charge="597.4636360014978">

<tariff-tx id="6863" postedTimeslot="362" txType="PERIODIC" customerCount="10" kWh="0.0" charge="0.3958333333333333">

Cloud you please clarify this to me? Is there any specific documentation on this?
In the case of a TariffTransaction, the target of the message is the broker, and so the signs take the broker's viewpoint. The details of the transactions and other lower-level messages are not spelled out in the spec, but they should be in the javadoc. I just checked, and the javadoc for TariffTransaction does indeed spell out this convention.
I also don't understand what "Periodic Payments" mean and how the regulation rate works. Could you please also clarify this to me or refer me some documentation on this in coding level. Eagerly waiting for your reply.
Periodic payments are described in the specification Section 3.1, in the bullet list below the diagram. In real-world tariffs these payments are often called "meter charges" or "connection charges".

Does this help?