How to modify sample broker for small undergrad project

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How to modify sample broker for small undergrad project

Hello everyone,

I am teaching an undergraduate class right now and wanted to use the PowerTAC sample broker as a learning tool.  There is a lot to the software, though, and I was hoping to get some pointers as to how I can show them to modify the sample broker to make some things happen, given the consideration that the students are not very familiar with Java in general, so I'm hoping we can do most or all of our programming in one file to circumvent that learning curve (this will be a very simple project).

I've looked through the given code quite a bit, but I'm still not 100% familiar with all the modules and how they connect.  Would anyone be able to give me a set of brief instructions on which specific file to modify in order to make a new simple broker, and in what way to modify it?  In class, we've done several modules on trading in the electricity industry from the wholesale side as well as from the retail side, and we've gone through concepts such as Monte Carlo, Markov Chain, MDPs, Q-learning and various algorithms for that, and neural nets.  We will need to modify some file in such a way that we can read incoming messages from the server, load in and process historical data, and create some small algorithms for bids/asks in the wholesale market, and for tariff publication.  I've found most of the methods that carry out these operations once the broker knows what it wants to do, but I need a starting point.

If I understand correctly, BrokerMain is the main class that actually drives the broker, but I'm not sure that is where the edits should be made.  I apologize if this is a bit of a basic question, but any help you can give me in getting started is greatly appreciated.