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New server module: officecomplex-customer


Antonios has completed another of his excellent customer models, and we have made it part of the standard server configuration. If you pull the latest powertac-server, it will have a new submodule by that name, but it will not populate the directory. If you are setting up a server environment from scratch, it will be part of the package. But if you have an existing server environment and want to add the new module, it's not as simple as it might seem. You cannot just do the usual git submodule foreach git pull origin master - it won't set up the directory. There may be an easier way, but here's how I figured out to do it (starting in the powertac-server directory):

  • git pull origin master to update the module list and the git submodule setup.
  • git submodule init officecomplex-customer
  • git submodule update officecomplex-customer
  • git submodule foreach git pull origin master to update everything.

You should now have an up-to-date copy of the new module. The next time you run a boot or sim, you should see it in the logs.

Cheers -