Power TAC 2012 -- Finals

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Power TAC 2012 -- Finals

Hello all,

We had long discussions until the morning time today thinking on how to proceed with Power TAC tournament. We finally decided that all of you deserve an extended period of time to test your agents against a stable server and tournament infrastructure. At the moment we are aiming for a stable version of the server by July 16, and run the actual tournament from September 17 to 20. That will give you enough time to write papers for AAMAS, and for sure for AAAI and IJCAI. We talked already to several of you and received positive feedback. For next year we are aiming to have the second version of the server available on January 31. This will give you half a year with the second version of the server.

As for today, we’ll just let the tournament run out, and we’ll gather with the other TAC participants at 16:30 during the coffee break in the workshop venue where we have setup the projectors.

Thanks for keeping up with us. We’ll thoroughly analyze the logs and make the none corrupted ones available for your own analysis. This has been an intensively stressful time for everybody, and we think that with a stable version of the server by July 16, you’ll really have the chance to concentrate on your core research.

As a small token of appreciation, we’ll give anyone of your team members a free registration to the Erasmus Energy Forum next week, and give you the opportunity to show case your brokers and put up posters about them during the poster session. For more information see:



Best wishes and thanks again,

Wolf and John