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Dear colleagues -

This evening I have packaged up preview versions of the upcoming 0.5.0 release for both the server and the sample broker. The server is now optionally integrated with an initial version of the game visualizer - see the README file for details on how to run it with or without the visualizer. Note that the first time you start up the visualizer setup (the "web" version), there will be a significant delay while the components download. This should be a one-time experience, except that if/when we deploy new 0.5.0 snapshots of the various components, you will automatically get them when you go to start up the server again.

We have not written the release notes yet, but there are a few major upgrades since 0.2.0, including:

  • The "controllable-capacity" feature is mostly implemented. Some customers now have "interruptible consumption" as a powerType, which means brokers and the DU can curtail a portion of their consumption during a timeslot to reduce costs or to balance supply and demand. A tariff for interruptible consumption can specify the maximum portion of the load that can be curtailed. Brokers can issue EconomicControlEvents to curtail their customers, and can issue BalancingOrders to allow the DU to do it on their behalf. However, the updated DU that takes advantage of this ability is not quite ready, and so for the moment balancing orders will be silently ignored.
  • The sample broker can start before the server starts, and will poll periodically for its login until the server starts.
  • The server can be configured to limit the time it waits for broker login.
  • The server now guarantees a "minimum window" between the last outgoing message in a timeslot and the first outgoing message in the following timeslot. The default value is 2 seconds.
  • Server configuration information is now communicated to brokers as a simple properties object.
  • The interaction between server and individual brokers is protected from spoofing by a simple two-secret scheme.
  • The default fee for tariff publication is much higher than in earlier releases.