Power TAC server and broker release candidate 0.6.1

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Power TAC server and broker release candidate 0.6.1

Today I have bumped the version ID on all the server modules, including the visualizer, as well as the sample broker, to 0.6.1-SNAPSHOT. I decided to skip a release of 0.6.0 because I did not want to cause unnecessary disruption to folks who are still using it, and there are many incompatible changes in the interactions among brokers, servers, visualizers, and the tournament manager.

All modules have been deployed to the Sonatype snapshot repo. Download packages are currently available for the server and the sample broker.

We are down to just two open issues for this release, and a bit of testing. I anticipate a release in a few days.

Please let me know if you experience problems with this material. I would very much appreciate some independent testing.

Cheers -