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Refactored sample broker

Dear colleagues -

As part of the Power TAC system upgrades for 2016, I have recently pushed and deployed what I hope will be an improved packaging scheme for the sample-broker. There are now two modules (in addition to the common module) that make up the sample broker. The new module is called broker-core, consisting of the samplebroker.core package and most of the samplebroker.interfaces package. Because it is now deployed as a separate module, maven should find it and you should not have to worry about updating your brokers if/when changes are needed in the server-broker interface. Ideally, the only module you will have to touch is the one called sample-broker, which now depends on broker-core.

If you want to update your existing broker code, it should be pretty easy to do. Just remove the samplebroker/core directory, and delete,, and from the samplebroker/interfaces directory. Also remove the samplebroker/core directory from src/test, and src/main/resources/broker.xml (unless you have modified it). Then edit your pom.xml, replacing the entire dependencies clause with the following:

To be safe, you should also update the <parent> clause to use server-master 1.3.0-SNAPSHOT.

That should be it. Then re-build your broker with
mvn clean test
 and make sure it still works.

I would appreciate it if at least a few of you try this soon - in the next week or two - and let me know if you run into difficulties.

Thanks a million.