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Refactoring to simplify build process

Dear colleagues -

Yesterday we completed a refactoring that should greatly simplify the build process for the Power TAC server. The brief description is that the existing modules have been gathered into two aggregates, each of which can be built in one step.

The powertac-core aggregate contains the common module, as well as the overall parent pom.xml, the state-logging aspects, and the broker-core module. As a result, common is no longer at the top level of the source directory tree, but instead is contained inside powertac-core. If you are working with the source, you will need to clone (git clone --recursive) powertac-core, and then remove and re-import common (and powertac-aop if you have the source) from your IDE.

The powertac-server aggregate now contains logtool-core and visualizer2, and the two top-level pom directories, server-master and webapp-dependencies, are gone.

Each of these aggregate modules can be now built in one step with mvn clean install. It is no longer necessary to separately install powertac-parent or server-master, and broker-core, logtool-core, and visualizer2 are now part of the build.

This new structure is deployed as 1.4.0-SNAPSHOT, so the next time you run the server using the server-distribution module, you will get the new structure even if you are not using source.

As always, please let us know if you discover problems with the server or libraries.