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Sample broker JMS improvement

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Hi All,

We've found a not-optimal setting in the AMQ / JMS configuration we're using in the sample-broker, the server and the visualizer.

The messages between the components are send synchronously. This means that before a next message could be sent, the first one had to be received by the recipient. Especially people with high latency in their network would run the risk of losing messages, due to running out of time before the end of the timeslot. In the new config we'll use async messaging.

In order to profit from this change you need to add the following flag to the configuration for the amqConnectionFactory. This can be found in src/main/resources/broker.xml.
Add p:useAsyncSend="true" after p:brokerURL="tcp://localhost:61616". I've attached the file for reference : broker.xml
Make sure to recompile your broker before running any tests.

You don't need to add this fix if you're not comfortable changing things on this short notice before the finals.
The communication will succeed regardless, just with a little more latency.

For those that would like to check their broker against the server, i've created a test tournament : async
This will run for the next 36 hours. All the brokers from the qualifying are registered. You can start anytime you'd like.

I'll try to be online as much as possible the next 2 days, just message me here or on IRC (freenode#powertac) if you need assistance.