TAC award ceremony today at 18:00

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TAC award ceremony today at 18:00

Dear all,

The 2015 Power TAC tournament just finished and we'll have an award ceremony in front of the TADA workshop room today at 18:00 (Istanbul time).

You can find the final ranking here:


The first three places are:

1) Maxon15
2) TacTex
3) CUHKTac

Heartily congrats to Maxon15 for winning Power TAC 2015, and to TacTax and CUHKTac for coming in second and third. Great performance! As in my keynote talk at TADA I'll give some more insights about this year's competition.

Thanks much to all teams for being such active participants! Without all of you, we couldn't pull this off and wouldn't have a credible tournament!

Let's discuss during the ceremony today and over nabble the next weeks the future of Power TAC. Looking very much forward to continue during great research with you all!

Thanks again,