TariffEvaluationHelper for threshold tariffs

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TariffEvaluationHelper for threshold tariffs

Hi everyone,

I am experiencing some trouble with the „ TariffEvaluationHelper “ class. I am using a “threshold tariff” like this one:
Publish: TariffSpecification 200000134 maxon16.CONSUMPTION (CONSUMPTION)
        Rate.2.135: Fixed -0.13, usage > 8
        Rate.2.137: Fixed -0.12, usage > 7
        Rate.2.139: Fixed -0.11, usage > 6
        Rate.2.141: Fixed -0.10

If I use the TariffEvaluationHelper like this:
TariffEvaluationHelper evalH = new TariffEvaluationHelper();
Tariff t = new Tariff(spec);
utility = evalH.estimateCost(t, this.portfolioManager. getUsageBrooksideHomes (), this.timeslotRepo.getTimeForIndex(0));

But the computed utility is something like -24. But I would expect a larger positive number. I am using the TariffEvaluationHelper for other tariff types (flat or TOU) and it works like I would expect it.

this.portfolioManager.getUsageBrooksideHomes() contains the usage bootsrap data for a customer type (one individual customer not the whole group).

Am I missing something?