Updated 1.6.0-SNAPSHOT deployed

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Updated 1.6.0-SNAPSHOT deployed

Dear colleagues -

Today I deployed an updated server, which you will see if you run server-distribution 1.6.0-SNAPSHOT. There are three changes you might observe:

- The electric vehicle model has been updated to (1) make most of its trips out-and-back with some delay, like daily commuting. These trips can be nested, like going out for lunch or shopping in the middle of a workday. (2) apply different probabilities to charger availability and capacity for various destinations. Previously the vehicles would always charge immediately at the end of each trip. This will make charging spottier and more variable. It also significantly increases the amount of driving, so these models will use more energy.

- A fix to configuration processing in the factored-customer model means that the WindmillCoOp model will now produce roughly 50 times as much energy as previously. Total capacity can be as high as 7 MW. This model should be much more interesting as a tariff target.

- The same configuration fix means that the somewhat strange behavior of the DowntownOffices model is fixed. Specifically, there was an error in dividing up capacity among multiple tariff subscriptions that is now fixed.

As always, please let us know if you have questions or run into problems. At this point we don't expect further changes before the 1.6.0 release other than a couple minor library updates and perhaps some improvements in the game visualizer.

I hope you are all preparing for the 2019 tournament. Registration is now open.

Best regards -